designed and manufactured by Unistara

Production Department

designed and manufactured by Unistara

Production Department

Production department

The production plant in Fiorano Modenese has been designed and built to meet specific and growing market needs, offering its customers cutting-edge products and solutions designed specifically for each specific request, in particular:

The need to find high quality and reliable ready-to-use refractory mortars on the market to be used to lay refractory bricks;

The need to have prefabricated shapes to design, which for geometric and qualitative characteristics, would be complex and expensive, sometimes impossible to produce by dry pressing.

The production department currently produces about 500 tons of mortars and about 400 tons of prefabricated shapes for the various industrial sectors.

The production capacity is over 2500 tons of prefabricated shaped mortars for various industrial sectors.

Ready-to-use mortars

Ready-to-use mortars for laying refractory bricks are often preferred to other products because of their ease of use and good performance in operation. The Unistara production plant, where the automated mixing of raw materials takes place, is equipped with an internal laboratory where the finished product is constantly checked to ensure a high-quality standard.

In addition to material characterization tests, periodic checks on drying shrinkage and joint failure loads, an accurate check on workability is very important in order to guarantee the extreme ease of use of these mortars. The production line dedicated to pre-mixed refractory plastic mortars manufactures the following products:

Unibond A25

Ready-to-use, air setting refractory cement based on quartzite, which is particularly used not only for various industrial sectors but also for the brick sector and civil applications.

Unibond A46

Ready-to-use, air setting refractory cement based on andalusite, which is used specifically for all industrial sectors.


Ready-to-use, air-setting refractory cement, dark in colour, which is used in particular in the ceramics sector, but also widely used for all other industrial sectors.

Prefabricated refractory products

When, during the design of a refractory lining, there is a need for shapes of high geometrical complexity, large dimensions, with specific chemical-physical characteristics, or when the production needs of customers require special shapes, which major producers of refractories worldwide could only produce with excessively high costs, volumes and times, the production department of Fiorano Modenese is able to guarantee a rapid and complete service. A service that starts from the design of the prefabricated product, passing from the verification of the mould design to the production phase.

Once the most suitable product to be used among a very wide range of mixtures (silica-alumina, alumina with very low cement content, silicon carbide, zirconium, molten silica, chromium oxide, etc.) has been determined, the prefabricated products are cast and vibrated in the forming plant and then fired in bogie hearth furnaces where sintering and complete transformation of the raw materials takes place.

Firing, at high or medium temperatures, will result in chemical-physical characteristics almost identical to those of equivalent products manufactured using the traditional method of dry pressing. The range of products is naturally unlimited and includes elements for flat or bank vaults for brick furnaces, roller passage blocks, burner blocks, vaults for combustion chambers, stoves as well as any kind of plate or block.

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