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Incineration plants

Incineration or waste-to-energy plants have a considerable level of complexity both from the design point of view and from the point of view of the choice of refractory and insulating materials best suited to the type of waste being combusted and, consequently, the effluents present. The size of certain installations and the need to reduce emissions into the atmosphere are just some of the difficulties to be faced when designing the lining.

Main Unistara products

The range of refractory and insulating products for this market sector varies considerably depending on the type of plant.


Refractory concrete

Low cement content and self-flowing castables silicon carbide-based or high alumina content.


Prefabricated blocks

The specific shapes, necessary to complete the complex geometries of these plants, are designed by the technical structure of Unistara and made in the Fiorano Modenese plant using concrete selected according to the type of plant.


Shaped insulating products

Standard and special shapes for insulating masonry in all grades and classes from 23 to 32, according to ASTM international classification.


Fiber-based insulating products

Modules, mats, papers, felts based on artificial glass fibres; super-insulating microporous products.

Main Services

Unistara designs and manufactures complete linings for grate and fluidized bed incinerators, special incineration plants and rotary kilns. During maintenance, the lining is analysed to collect data on fuel, effluent and type of drive.

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