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About Us | Unistara

Company Profile

Unistara S.p.A. is a leader in the distribution, production, installation of refractory and insulating products for industrial and civil applications.

About Us

Unistara S.p.A. is present throughout Italy with a capillary network that counts 7 branches with warehouse where more than 8,000 tons of products are stored for immediate delivery.

The fundamental competitive advantage is represented by the business model that integrates technical assistance, design of the linings, supply and installation of refractory materials, supervision of correct installation and after-sales service.

Throughout its history, Unistara has extended its offer to all the problems related to the installation of refractory linings, acting as a technological partner to face the challenges imposed by the global market and the environment.

Our business sectors

Unistara operates in the iron and steel, petrochemical, incineration and energy production sectors, in aluminium and ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundries, in industrial and artistic glassworks, in cement factories, as well as in the food ovens, boilers, domestic heating appliances (stoves and fireplaces), brick and ceramic kilns, in forging and treatment furnaces, in the naval and construction sectors.

For each of these industrial sectors, Unistara makes use of specialized technicians and sales staff, offering a range of dedicated products, manufactured internally or supplied by the most important international refractory manufacturers of which Unistara holds the exclusive distribution in Italy.


Unistara was founded in Genoa




Factories with storage


Tons of products ready for delivery


Square meters for product storage


Returning customers

Industrial associations

Unistara is a member of Confindustria Genova – Association of companies belonging to the Confindustria system

Unistara is an associate of Cicof – Italian Committee of Industrial Oven Manufacturers

Quality system

Quality system certified since 2000
The Unistara quality system is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

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