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Steel sector

the steel sector in recent years is increasingly conditioned by environmental constraints, the tendency to replace old plants with new, less polluting technologies, the shift from the integral cycle to the electrical cycle. Unistara addresses this market with a specific range of products for arc furnaces, converters, ladles, treatment, forging and rolling furnaces.

Main products

The offer addressed to integral cycle, electrical and second transformation steel mills includes:

Graphite electrodes

Manufactured according to international technical standards and systematically checked. RP (Regular Power), HP (High Power), SHP (Super High Power) and UHP (Ultra High Power).

Dense and light Castables

For specific applications in steelworks and treatment and rolling furnaces.

Fiber-based Insulating materials

Based on traditional and biosoluble fibre such as papers, mats, slabs, for the insulation of treatment and forging furnaces, bells for controlled cooling, burners for ladle/basket pre-heating.


LS – LS with slag zone Zr reinforcement – LS with porous insert.

MgO-C bricks

In the various compositions and formats for EAF, AOD and Ladles.

Drawer plates

Ladle and tundish drawer plates.

Refractory and insulating bricks

For the ladle’s safety and wear lining.

Unloader drawers

For ladle and tundish (Monocon system).

Automated systems

For LS and SEN gearboxes.


SEN – SES – also available with Zr reinforcement and porous insert.

Aluminous plate material

For the casting of ingots, available in both bauxitic and mullitic matrix, in a wide range of formats or according to customer’s drawing.

Lance stiring and desulphurization

Used for the injection of powdered reagents, or inert gases, for refining and homogenizing the metal.

Main services

In addition to the selection and supply of the most suitable refractory and insulation materials to optimize production and reduce energy consumption, Unistara carries out turnkey maintenance of forging, treatment and rolling furnaces; modification and survey control interventions.

Casting products

To complete the commercial offer, Unistara offers a line of products in graphite/clay, graphite/corundum and silica-alumina products for the casting of cast iron and steel such as funnels, pipes, bends, distributors, fittings, rosettes, nozzles, etc.


Installations Gallery

Types of plant


EAF – Electric Arc Furnaces

Unistara designs and manufactures complete linings for arc furnaces. The wear layer is made of dense basic formats based on carbon magnesite, while the safety layer uses dense basic formats based on baked magnesite.


Depending on the type of ladle and the type of stress to which it is subjected, the study and installation of the complete lining involve a wear layer with dense basic carbon magnesite or high-alumina formats. In order to drastically reduce heat loss, the safety layer made of silica-alumina bricks is combined with microporous panel insulation.

AOD – Argon Oxigen Decarboration

For the lining of argon oxygen converters, Unistara uses dense silica-alumina formats for the safety layer, while for the wear layer it preferably uses dense dolomite-based formats.


Forging, treatment and rolling furnaces

Unistara intervenes on forging furnaces with complete services ranging from demolition to the study and reconstruction of the lining. The selection and supply of the most suitable refractory and insulating products are made on the basis of the type of alloy treated and the type of operation of the installation.

Treatment furnaces

For the maintenance or refurbishment of treatment furnaces, Unistara’s technical structure selects the most suitable refractory products. Insulating bricks and insulation products are widely used in this type of installation.

Rolling furnaces

Unistara’s service in rolling furnaces includes, in addition to the supply of materials, the removal of the refractory and insulating material and the subsequent installation of the new lining with the products of the Unistara range.

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