specific products and services for the aluminium foundry

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specific products and services for the aluminium foundry

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Aluminium Foundry

Italy ranks first in Europe for the percentage of recycled aluminium (a very high percentage of that put on the market). The possibility of endlessly recycling this metal, and energy savings of 95% compared to traditional primary aluminium production processes, have led to an increase in demand for aluminium in recent years. Unistara, specialized in providing solutions ranging from the choice of lining to the supply of the refractory material, from design to installation, from supervision to drying, offers this important market an ad hoc technical and commercial structure, with over thirty years of experience, and a range of products among the most complete and updated in Europe.

Main products

the concrete of the Alkon® family, with a low CaO content and additives with various basic constituents, are specially designed to reduce the permeation of liquid aluminium, to resist the aggression of the various aluminium alloys, to prevent, and reduce as much as possible, the formation of corundum and to resist mechanical wear.

Alkon® Cast 204 and Alkon® Cast Hymor 80 AL

Respectively based on bauxite and corundum, characterized by excellent mechanical strength, they reduce the formation of corundum and allow easy slag removal.

Alkon® Cast LB 85

The best seller for the bath wall lining in stressed furnaces.

Alkon® Flow LB 75

Self-flow castable bauxite based product can be used with reduced thicknesses in ladles for transport, prolonging its duration and making cleaning easier.

Prefabricated in Calde® Wire

Special pre-fabricates, made with sophisticated techniques that allow the inclusion of stainless steel metal fibers (about 30% of the volume).The fibers give a very high resistance to impact and abrasion and make it suitable for use in channels, frames, thresholds, spillage nozzles.

Dense alumina and high alumina-silica bricks

For salt rotary furnaces, slabs, melting and holding basins, arched vaults of reverberation furnaces.

Insulating bricks

Used, according to various classifications, in the backup lining, to allow an effective thermal reduction. They are also used in the bath, to obtain the correct freezing line of the liquid.

Fibrous and non-fibrous insulating products

Papers, felts, mats and slabs based on artificial glass fibres. Microporous super-insulating products, vermiculite and calcium silicate sheets for the insulation of bath and out-of-bath walls.

Other products used

Refractory mortars, metal and ceramic anchors, ceramic filters, porous baffles, filter nets, combo bags, casting caps, refractory balls, hard tips.

Main services

For the building of new plants, or during maintenance, Unistara offers to the aluminium foundries all the necessary assistance in the design, assembly of the refractory lining and in the solution of all the typical problems of the aluminium foundry.


Unistara collaborates with the main Italian manufacturers of melting plants both for the recycling of aluminium scrap and for the melting of ingots. The solutions offered for melting and holding furnaces vary according to the size of the plant, the production cycle and the type of alloy produced.

Installations Gallery

Types of installations

Tilting furnace

Depending on the type of installation, and the type of aggressiveness of the treated alloy, Unistara designs and manufactures the most suitable lining with particular attention to vault and wall anchoring systems, using products with higher volume stability and excellent physical-mechanical characteristics.

Static melting furnace

Depending on the type of plant, single or double chamber and the type of alloy treated, Unistara designs and manufactures the most suitable lining to increase the production capacity and energy efficiency of the furnace.

Tower furnace

Design, choice of the type of lining according to the aggressiveness of the alloy, installation of the lining.

Dosing furnace

The choice of dosing furnace lining depends on the type of casting (die-casting or gravity casting) and the type of alloy. In addition to the usual additive products with hydraulic bonding, Unistara offers chemically bonded products, without using water in the mix, to reduce drying time (Calde® Chem), and products with SOL GEL technology.

Rotary kiln

Sizing of linings for rotary kilns with silica-alumina bricks with low permeability.

Oval Furnace

Tilting holding furnace equipped with insufflation caps, mainly made in cast (Alkon® Cast 204 and Calde® Cast Gibram).

Top-loading double chamber furnace

Unistara collaborates in the design of the lining of Stricko / Westhofen type installations to identify new refractory products with even higher performance and high mechanical resistance such as Calde® Cast BL 85, for the loading area, and products with high mechanical resistance and excellent chemical inertia such as Alkon® Cast Hymor 80 AL.

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