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Furnaces for industrial and artistic ceramics

For more than 35 years, Unistara has been participating and is partly responsible for the technological evolution of Italian kilns for the production of ceramics. It has developed a range of products able to cover almost all the needs, in terms of spare parts, of the major Italian manufacturers, and to offer a turnkey service for the construction and maintenance of the refractory lining and the heating system.

Main products

the offer for industrial and artistic ceramics includes the following products:

Pyroxal ceramic rollers

Rollers characterized by different formulations that give specific chemical-physical characteristics according to the different areas of the furnace and the different thermal stresses and chemical aggressions.

Fiber-based products

Mats, papers, modules and panels for the lining of furnaces, the insulation of bogies, and for expansion joints; jib for filling. Low bio persistence fibre-based Insulfrax (up to 1200°C) and Isofrax (up to 1400°C) or based on traditional ceramic fibre (over 1400°C).

Cordierite products

Roller passages, special pieces and plates made of cordierite and cordierite mullite; special pieces for vaults, walls and bogies, flame-cutting chicane plates, slabs for sole cover, plates for smooth or combed special pieces, braces, resistance holders.

Shaped insulating products

Vault blocks, bricks, slebies, wedges and knives in all qualities and classes from 23 to 32, according to ASTM international classification, for the construction of walls and vaults. Calcium silicate slabs for backup insulation.

Accessories for rollers

Vermiculite pads, fiber paste

Burner cones

Zero porosity, AD-SiC and high-temperature NB-SiC silicon carbide burner cones

Blower tubes

PYROXAL ZR, zero porosity silicon carbide and AISI 310S steel blower tubes in different grades

Main services

The services offered include, in addition to the supply of refractory and insulating materials, the design of the lining, the maintenance of existing furnaces through demolition and restoration of the refractory, the optimization of thicknesses, aimed at improving the working capacity of the furnace. Other services consist in the optimization of the insulation of the furnace walls to increase production capacity, the insulation of the vaults with insulating blocks capable of reducing heat loss by up to 30%, the use of cordierite mullite slabs instead of traditional ceramic fiber.

Installations Gallery

Types of installations

Roller kilns for firing ceramic tiles

In addition to a wide range of rollers and roller passages, burner cones, flame cutters, insulating bricks and vault blocks, Unistara offers the optimization of the insulation of the vault and walls in order to increase the energy efficiency of the system or to increase the light inside the kiln.


For the lining of the dryer, in the absence of chemical aggression, Insulfrax Blok is commonly used in combination with stone wool slabs or Insulfrax Board slabs. In view of the temperatures, generally between 150/250 °C, low-temperature ceramic rollers are used.


In addition to the lining of the burner cones with aluminous bricks, Unistara manufactures Insulfrax fibre ducts for fume recovery.

Furnaces for melting ceramic glass

The lining of glass melting furnaces, characterized by high temperatures, involves the use of electrofusion blocks for the tank, walls and vault made of bricks based on mullite and alumina-zirconium. Unistara also produces the prefabricated blocks for furnace loaders and burners.

Kilns for the calcination of ceramic pigments and dyes

Generally made of high-temperature fiber or insulating bricks class 30 ASTM. Unistara also supplies the products for the assembly of the bogies and the relative plates.

Chamber furnaces for ceramic firing in general

Unistara designs the most suitable lining according to the different production requirements, supplies and installs refractory and insulating materials, and accessories such as mullite, silicon carbide or jet burner cones. Also, in this case, the optimization of the insulation can increase the efficiency or capacity of the kiln.

Artistic ceramics

Unistara also designs and manufactures artistic ceramic kilns, providing the same support and services as industrial ceramic kilns, including a wide range of supports and traditional and special plates.

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