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Mold remediation panel

Calcium silicate panel for interior renovation and insulation.
Thanks to its alkaline ph and its natural porosity, it guarantees the transpiration of the walls and prevents the proliferation of molds.

The excellent insulating capacity of this material, by eliminating heat loss in the walls, increases the efficiency of heating in homes and cuts down on bills.
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Chemical composition:

Al2O3 + TiO2 [%]: 0.2
Fe2O3 [%]: 0.2
SiO2 [%]: 45
CaO [%]: 45

Physical properties:

Bulk Density [kg/dm3]: 0.225
Apparent Porosity [%]: 91
Water Absorption [%]: 2.5
Capillary Hygroscopic Capacity [%]: 270
Water Vapour Transmission [μ]: 2.5


Class A1 fire rated

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