one the principal characters
in the refractory market
since 1984

Unistara has been one the principal characters in the Refactory Sector in Italy for more than 25 years..
Unistara was born in 1984 by an initiative taken by a group of managers, thanks to an agile technical and commercial structure and the acquisition of company operating in the same market, it asserted rapidly itself as the refractory supplier par excellence.

Meeting the request of a market that working for resources, technologies and expertise as support of industrial processes, its activity, at the beginning primarily commercial, evolved and assumed, during the years, the characteristics of a global proposal that embraces all the technical problems connected to the realization of linings.
Unistara gives solutions that carry out themselves in the designing of the lining, the production of the most complex special shapes, the installation, the supervision of the correct laying of the lining and in the after sales assistance.

Unistara addresses itself to the market of the industrial furnaces market as a talent: from great incinerators to aluminium furnaces, from cement factories to kiln furnaces, glassworks and foundries. More recent history is bonded to the realization of steel heat treatment furnaces, hearth furnaces and iron and steel furnaces, plants for waste disposal and waste energy plant.
Yet, Unistara's proposal includes a range of specific products for stove sector - specific lining for stoves, chimneys and bakery ovens.


Selecting, , producing , proposing and selling only high quality products, guaranteing the technical assistance needed to enable the client to realize the best refractory lining for its plant. Contributing to save world resources, by improving efficiency of the the thermic plants and evaluating day by day the consequences that the use of a products or fuel can have on people and environment.


Unistara wants to be in Italy the reference point of refractory culture and technology and of the high temperature insulation. A new wave firm that builds value in time throughout assertibility, transparency and valorisation of people.